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Bobnel Child Support Foundation


About Us

BOBNEL was established on 16th November, 1999 with inspiration and the undying urge to touch positively, the lives of the less privileged in our society. It was completely the Act of God. It has made its modest contribution to alleviating the sufferings of the less privilege ever since.

Bobnel Child Support Foundation – A Humanitarian, Non- Governmental Organization aimed solely at reaching out to the physically challenged and the less privileged children and people in our society.  Read more

Our Purpose

  1. To give the less privileged in the society a sense of belonging and the need to continue living through knowledge-empowerment programme.
  2. To create more awareness to members of the public on the need to assist the less privileged who are gifted and talented in our society.
  3. To prevent teenage pregnancy and harness their potentials.

Our Vision and Goals

  • Educating and providing succour.
  • Putting smiles on the faces of the less privileged.
  • To bring about positive long time change in the lives of our needy neighbours.
  • To establish schools, caring and treatment homes for the less privileged.
  • To organize workshop and seminars to create awareness.
  • Office space.
  • Computers for the schools (less privileged).
  • Work with other NGO’s both local and international.
  • Work with other companies and individuals of like-minds.
  • Work in other states of Nigeria.
  • Bus, Video Cameras, VCDs, Radios, Tape Recorders.
  • Literature Books, Telephones.
BOBNEL at Reddington Hospital GRA Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.