The Bobnel Child Support Foundation is a non-governmental organization established with the purpose of pursuing one great vision geared towards a positive, long-term change and betterment of our society by providing, urgently and today, that crucial support which will make the Nigerian child of today, a responsible adult, a good leader and a world-class citizen of tomorrow.

There is no gainsaying the fact that there are many children today in the Nigerian society – in fact millions of them, who are greatly under-privileged, either by their circumstances of birth or readily by the prevailing socio-economic realities of our time, by reason of which most of them, if left unaided, will certainly not attain their apparent potentials.

Yet, many of these children are highly talented or gifted. All have the rights to qualitative care, education, good homes, right nourishment, protection from harmful influences and environment, etc. Government could try, but it would never be able to reach out to all those who are so classed. Caring for them and supporting them now, therefore, will not only help them attain potentialities, but ensure a better future and continuity for our nation and heritage.

It is the vision of Bobnel Child Support Project to pursue and attain this laudable goal for our community in partnership with like minded members of the society. In its six years of existence, Bobnel Child Support Project has regularly visited, fed and assisted less privileged children in handicapped children homes and orphanages and the well established institutions that have benefited from our support include: (1) The Motherless Babies Home, Adekunle Yaba; (2) The Spinal Cord Injuries Home, Amuwo Odifin; (3) Modupe Cole Memorial Handicapped Children School, Akoka; (4) Barrel Boys Approved School, Yaba; and (5) Wesley School for Deaf Children, Surulere – All these only in Lagos, how great then are the huge portion of the field yet uncovered!!!

Nevertheless, it is our conviction that Nigeria is a great nation with innumerable citizens and corporate organizations who would lend a helping hand in touching the lives of these children and make better citizens –nay, a better nation of them, if availed of the opportunity of an opening to reach them. It is that opportunity to be of help to them that is now coming your way through Bobnel, today.

We believe it should interest you to note that there are lots of children who, this might, still stand in great need of good food, of shelter, of drug and medical aid, of soap, of detergent, of buckets, of plates, of body cream and toiletries, of clothing, of common slippers and sandals, of bedding material, of books, craft materials, magazines, games toys, of feeding bottles, powdered milk and baby foods, of plastic bags, of sweets, biscuits, tooth pastes, think of it – of the little luxuries we  ordinary folks take for granted!!


Some are in need of vocational training, some in need of better information and timely enlightenment through guiding and counseling, others stand in need for computer training, some in need of useful handiwork that can turn a potential armed robber or social misfit into a bread winner and a blessed to his or her own people and the whole community and nation.

We urge, most earnestly, come be a partner to share our vision. Come, Share A Smile and turn around a situation that will otherwise spell a doom for a forlorn child with a forlorn hope. Come and join in making the future of our children, better than it is, today.


Bobnel already has a Newsletter. We have various projects that attract publicity and afford exposure for the products and services of our benefactors and more importantly, that afford greater opportunities to be of greater and more enduring service to God and to humanity.

We would count on you as we are counting on God on behalf of these children because we know you can be of good help to them.

Your generous gifts and donations will be received through our contact person with much gratitude. Please pay to Bobnel Account No. 0223734177, Wema Treasure Account, Wema Bank Plc. Maryland Branch, Maryland, Lagos