BOBNEL Child Support Foundation is a humanitarian non-governmental, non-profit organization (NGO) established in Lagos, Nigeria to alleviate the sufferings of the poor and less privileged children in our society.

Bobnel was set up through inspiration on 16th November, 1999. It was completely an act of God. It has made its modest contribution to alleviating the sufferings of the less privileged ever since.

Bobnel seeks the collaboration of similarly inspired members of our community to join hands, efforts and resources together to assuage the plight of the poor  less privileged children in Nigeria.

Currently we organize weekly visits to, and feeding of inmates of Homes and Orphanages. Institutions and homes that have benefited from our support in Lagos include:

  1. Red Cross Motherless Babies Homes, Adekunle, Yaba
  2. Spinal Cord Injuries Home, Amuwo-Odofin
  3. Modupe Cole Memorial School, Yaba
  4. Birrel Boys Approved School, Yaba
  5. Wesley School for Deaf Children, Surulere
  6. Red Cross Motherless Babies Home, Adekunle Yaba
  7. National Orthopedic Special School, Igbobi Lagos
  8. Heritage Home, Anthony Village
  9. Little Saint Home, Palm Groove

We have improved in our outreach and that is why Bobnel needs people of vision and inspired leaders to support our organization.

Without a credible social welfare system to benefit from, these unfortunate children of ours remain abandoned to the full effects of poverty. Hence, the onus falls on philanthropic, humanitarian and charitable elements in our society including individuals and corporate bodies to rise up to the challenges of making the difference in the lives of the poorest of the poor in Nigeria.

He who has compassion on the poor lends to the Lord and the lord will repay him for his good deed. “Proverb 19: 17”.